Joe – PT

Meet Joe our newest member of the Vibrant Team.

Joe’s Trainer Profile

Why I became a personal trainer

6 years ago I was extremely overweight, very unhappy with my appearance, my self-esteem and self-worth were at their lowest. I decided to do something about this and began my transformation. I weighed 102kg which at a height of 5.7ft I was morbidly obese. I lost 32kg. This was life changing. My outlook on life had changed I found myself feeling happier and healthier than ever. My life had shifted from feeling down, tired and grumpy to positive, energetic and outgoing.

This transformation was not just body, but mind and soul as well. I found my calling, my passion in life, to help people find the best versions of themselves as I have and continue to do each and every day.  I love training, it is one of my quintessential passions in life. It is a profession I will continue completing new certifications in for many years to come, my latest being AMN Neuro Stretching.

My Rehab

I injured my lower back moving house and had to modify my training to rehabilitate. I have successfully rehabilitated my lower back, rolled ankles, complete knee reconstruction, whip lash and a torn shoulder just to name a few. I have a vast understanding of rebuilding lost strength, balance and coordination around injuries.

Why I PT…

I understand that we are all individuals, all with different levels of fitness and body shapes, whether you are rehabilitating, beginner, intermediate or advanced in fitness I will tailor your training program specifically for you. One of my passions is seeing you change and grow as an individual, setting and hitting SMART goals, moving forward with passion and desire to grow as an individual.

If you have any questions feel free to approach me in the gym.  I do enjoy having a chat and getting to know everyone.

My favourite form of exercise:
Strength and endurance coupled with HIIT would be my very favourite. Volume training, Boot camp, MetaPWR, Tai Chi, Ploymetrics, Circuit Training.

My favourite thing about being a PT at Vibrant Health & Fitness:
Its where I train, great Staff, fantastic community.

My favourite cheat food:
Breakfast Balsamic Mushrooms from Embers

Lunch Burger, Chips and Salad from Kalamunda Hotel

Dinner Sweet Potato Mash with heaps of organic butter, Lamb Spare ribs with my home made barbeque sauce, Steamed broccoli, cauliflower & carrot with red wine jus and my secret herbs and spices

Words of wisdom:
The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which make you unique.



Fit College – Certificate III in Fitness

Fit College – Certificate IV in Fitness

ANM Neuro Stretching

Reiki Master