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Tai Chi Commences 15th May

Mike will be starting Tai Chi in our Group Fitness Studio on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7am.  Click here for more information on this form of Tai Chi.

We’ve had a lot of interest from members and we hope to see you all there.

Kind regards

Andy & the team


Buddy Challlenge

So we’re almost half way through our buddy challenge and our leader board is looking rather interesting with some recent movements.  We were sad to see Russ pull out with an injury however Tammy is definitely holding the team together. Watch our for changes as we get closer to the end of the challenge.

Myzone is a fantastic tool to help you get the most out of your workout.  If you’re interested in some more information please speak to our staff who’ll be able to explain in more detail.


MetaPWR is here to stay

Some of you have been lucky enough to experience Meta PWR on Tuesday nights for a little while well we’re excited to now have this on twice a week.

Tuesday night 6pm and Saturday morning 9:15 


MetaPWR (MetaPower) is a thirty minute circuit class that combines resistance and bodyweight exercises to target and develop strength, power, agility, and cardiovascular efficiency.

MetaPWR develops strength and power not from ‘traditional’ gym strength training, but by carefully selecting equipment that will offer both resistance and explosive/ballistic exercises. Combining this with plyometric and non-plyometric bodyweight exercises promotes muscle adaption and growth, heightens your metabolic rate, and helps burn body fat. The use of weighted equipment also helps with bone density.

Why Should You Do MetaPWR?

It Makes You Stronger

MetaPWR will make you stronger and more powerful (power = strength + speed). It will also raise your overall fitness level and stamina, increase your bone density, and increase your heart and lung capacity.


It Tones and Shapes You

MetaPWR training allows you to develop lean muscle, and the more lean muscle you have, the more of a ‘fat burning machine’ you become. If you are looking to ‘bulk up’, then MetaPWR is not for you, but if you just want to tone up and improve you body shape, then MetaPWR might be the thing you are looking for.

It Makes You Feel Amazing

When you’ve finished a MetaPWR session, you know you have really achieved something, and that is a great feeling. Adding a dose of speed to strength can make you feel like a superhero performing superhuman feats, plus all those ‘feel good hormones’ you just produced kick in a little later and you feel FANTASTIC!


Renovations Progress

Firstly a big thank you to all our members for your understanding during the construction and temporary changes happening around the gym at the moment.  This is only short term and we are very excited to bring to you the new areas.


Group Fitness Studio

The lights and icy cold air conditioners have been installed in our new group fitness studio.  The wooden flooring has arrived and is beginning to be laid this week.  This area is much larger then our current space and will allow for more class options moving forward.


Cardio Theatre

The first level in our cardio theatre has been installed with the second level going in as we speak.  Our new cardio equipment will be relocated to this area with dedicated air-conditioning and sound system.  Along with the upgrades that came with our Precor equipment of Netflix, Spotify, web browser.

Personal Bathrooms

We’ve been listening to your suggestions and along with better air conditioning the new area has multiple personal bathrooms and disabled toilet.  So now you can workout and grab a quick shower before heading into work or out for dinner.



We’re anticipating that this new area will be opened towards the end of April then we’ll be making some updates to the old group fitness & cardio area to become our new Functional Training Zone.

If you have any concerns about the changes please don’t hesitate to speak to our valued staff.




Beat the price rise


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✔️ Renovated Creche
✔️ FTZ Functional Training Zone
✔️ Large Weight Training area
✔️ 24/7 Access Options

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