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Supporting those that give

Here at Vibrant we’re all about the community spirit.  Our members are very welcoming and supportive of each other.  Many people don’t know however we like to give back to those who have served and those who are volunteering in our community.

We acknowledge that in our area that all our emergency services are provided by volunteers without the dedicated commitment of these people our community wouldn’t be the same.

We offer a Double Time Upfront Membership to those members of the;
Kalamunda RSL Branch
Kalamunda Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Kalamunda Bush Fire Service
Kalamunda State Emergency Service
All you need to do is show your current membership card for the RSL or your FESA ID for VFRS, BFS & SES

Membership Prices are;
Buy 3 months receive 3 months free     $410
Buy 6 months receive 6 months free     $610
Buy 12 months receive 12 months free  $810

Drop in and talk to one of our staff today or phone 9293 0722 to book in a time.

Thank you for your service to our community.

Andy & The Team

Vibrant Health Community

We had such a fantastic open day earlier this month and it was great to have so many health professionals there for our members to chat with.

Thank you to the team from Nervana Chiropractic who were providing members with a FREE spinal health check.  If you didn’t see the video of Dr Glenn and Any make sure you check it out on our Facebook page.  Jason can be seen below with Jennie helping here with some relief for her back pain and tips moving forward.  Russel had fantastic advice and information on nutrition to help meet those health and wellness goals.

No doubt we’ll be seeing these faces around the gym more.  Thank you for being apart of our open day.

Glenn Rhett & Beth from Nervana Chiropractic









Jason from Mead Physio Group









Russell from True Body Nutrition & Fitness www.truebody.com.au

$5 Classes and New Group Fitness Timetable

Our new timetable has gone live and it’s fantastic to see so many members taking advantage as well as some new faces.

Do you have a friend who you’ve been trying to convince to come along?  Well this is a fantastic opportunity. With only $5 per class and when they join we’ll reward them with the money off their membership.

This offer is available for all of June and July.

Click here to head to our website for more information and the most up to date schedule.

$5 Classes and New Timetable

Free Classes at our OPEN DAY & $5 Classes for all of JUNE

We’re launching our new timetable at our Open Day this Saturday 9th June from 8am to 12noon and we’ll be show casing several of our classes with 30 minute express classes.  ANYONE members nor non members can participate in these.  So why not come in and check out the classes on offer.

This is just a sneak peak of our new timetable which you’ll be able to explore with $5 classes for the remainder of June.  Are you ready to try all the New Bigger Better Vibrant has to offer?

New Timetable

Are you ready? 11th June 2018 sees our new timetable go live.

It’s time the renovations are done and we have various time slots, some fantastic new classes and instructors for you to meet as well.  Click here to view the new timetable.  Also below is a summary of the classes we’ll be offering now in the training areas;

As Many Rounds As Possible is what AMRAP stands for.  It uses a series of exercises and reps that allow everyone to do the same workout but at their own pace.  Each rep completed of a workout forms your total reps.  These are short high intensity workouts completed at your pace and allow you to track your progress.

Boxing Bootcamp is the simple, no co-ordination needed, boxing workout class. It’s great for all fitness levels and is an awesome workout for both men and women. Freestanding boxing bags or partner work gets you an outstanding training experience every time!!

Boxing – Freestanding boxing bags or partner work gets you an outstanding training experience every time! Helps you build your fitness and co-ordination at the same time.
Circuit – A combination of strength and resistance training set out in a circuit atmosphere will leave you with a whole body workout.
Tabata – High intensity interval training to finish the week off.  HIIT training is for everyone because if we’re working at 70-90% of our maximum that is YOUR 70-90% NOT that of anyone else.

A blend of energetic step moves to burn calories and get that heart rate up along with lower body resistance training using resistance bands. This class ticks all the boxes, cardio and resistance. This is your all-round fitness class and will help you improve your cardiovascular endurance and strength!

Jungle Party is a high intensity cardio workout integrating different dance styles with varying tempo created to burn calories and tone the entire body.  Using the latest tracks and moves your workout won’t even feel like a workout just a great night out with friends.

Aimed at conditioning the deep core muscles of the torso that support your spine and assist with maintaining good posture, this class has a focus on bringing the mind/muscle connection into  play with isometric contraction and controlled breathing. Floor exercises are used to hone, tone and shape the body and flexibility is also trained with varying stretches for a relaxing finish to the week.

MetaPWR is a true 30 minute high intensity circuit class that combines resistance and bodyweight exercise to target and develop strength, power, agility and cardiovascular efficiency. Carefully selected equipment offers resistance and ballistic(explosive) exercises. Combining this and plyometric and non-plyometric bodyweight exercises promote muscle adaptation and growth, heightens the metabolic rate and helps to burn body fat. The conditioning part of the workout is done and dusted in 30 minutes and we have added a warm up/teaching round to ensure you are safely performing the movements. Definitely addictive and intense, MetaPWR will leave you exhilarated!

Using barbells to music, Power bar is an excellent class for building strength through resistance, and increasing tone and fitness through repetition. Using all the major muscle groups and suiting all fitness levels (from beginner to advanced), Power bar will leave your body toned, conditioned and feeling invincible. (All fitness levels)

Power Step is an energizing, simply choreographed, high calorie burning exercise class using a step.  Step has become one of the most preferred fitness classes at gyms all over the world.  Power Step guarantees you an hour of fun, fitness and inspiration! (Medium Level Fitness)

Stretch n Flex improves joint range of movement and muscle flexibility through a series of dynamic and static stretching. This program works on creating a sense of freedom in the body reducing muscle tightness and restriction. The class concludes with a meditation session to complete the mind body release.