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High Cable Chest Fly

So last week we asked you how you perform your High Cable Chest Fly, well here is why we asked.  This is a common movement we see in the gym and there are few common mistakes that we see.  Whilst Jenny was Personal Training Mickey we decided this would be a fantastic one to cover off with our members.


The muscles that are worked in this compound movement are

  • Anterior Deltoid – front of the shoulder
  • Upper Pectoralis Major – upper chest
  • Lowe Pectoralis Major – lower chest
  • Latissimus Dorsi – Lats

Also the trunk stabiliser muscles are engaged and worked in just keeping your posture in the right position.

How to perform the movement

  • Commence with the cables higher than you’re head with your arms at a 45 degree angle to the trunk for a intermediate to advanced level or level with shoulder height for a beginner.
  • Ensure that your shoulders are slightly internally rotated and activated for a safe commencement of the movement
  • Engage the core and grasp the pulleys with your less dominate side then continue with grasping the other side, ensure the elbows are never in a locked out position
  • As you exhale pull the cable into the body in a downward hugging motion hold at the bottom for 2 seconds
  • Gradually inhale with a reverse motion allowing the cables to return in a controlled motion.  Never allow the weight of the cable to pull the body back to the starting point.
  • Repeat


Some common mistakes in this movement are;

  • Leaning over the cable
    This doesn’t allow the muscles to fire accordingly and places a lot of pressure on the lower back.
  • Trunk movement
    There should be no movement in the trunk during this.  The upper body should remain still and under support from the stabiliser muscles
  • Crossing over
    Excessive cross over of the cables at the end of the concentric phase (down phase) will disengage the muscles and therefore reduce the time under tension for these muscles and potentially lead to injury on the return.
  • Shoulder Shrug
    If you find your shoulders are shrugging or starting to tickle your ears you’ve lost stability in the shoulder joint.  Ensure that you always start in an activated shoulder position and you can do this by elevating them up, pulling them back and then down toward the lower back, this will have your shoulders in a stable position.

Jennie can be seen here on the left performing the movement correctly and then on the right incorrectly.


If your shoulders aren’t strong enough or have an excessive range of motion as was in Mickey’s case you can also perform a seated chest fly as shown here.






This brings us to a perfect reminder, just because one movement isn’t right for you it doesn’t mean that there isn’t an alternative movement that works the same muscles but is right for your body.  You won’t obtain results with an incorrectly performing movement but you are likely to obtain an injury so why not take form over degree of difficulty and technicality.


If you have any questions on this please don’t hesitate to speak with one of our trainers.

Supporting those that give

Here at Vibrant we’re all about the community spirit.  Our members are very welcoming and supportive of each other.  Many people don’t know however we like to give back to those who have served and those who are volunteering in our community.

We acknowledge that in our area that all our emergency services are provided by volunteers without the dedicated commitment of these people our community wouldn’t be the same.

We offer a Double Time Upfront Membership to those members of the;
Kalamunda RSL Branch
Kalamunda Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Kalamunda Bush Fire Service
Kalamunda State Emergency Service
All you need to do is show your current membership card for the RSL or your FESA ID for VFRS, BFS & SES

Membership Prices are;
Buy 3 months receive 3 months free     $410
Buy 6 months receive 6 months free     $610
Buy 12 months receive 12 months free  $810

Drop in and talk to one of our staff today or phone 9293 0722 to book in a time.

Thank you for your service to our community.

Andy & The Team

Vibrant Health Community

We had such a fantastic open day earlier this month and it was great to have so many health professionals there for our members to chat with.

Thank you to the team from Nervana Chiropractic who were providing members with a FREE spinal health check.  If you didn’t see the video of Dr Glenn and Any make sure you check it out on our Facebook page.  Jason can be seen below with Jennie helping here with some relief for her back pain and tips moving forward.  Russel had fantastic advice and information on nutrition to help meet those health and wellness goals.

No doubt we’ll be seeing these faces around the gym more.  Thank you for being apart of our open day.

Glenn Rhett & Beth from Nervana Chiropractic









Jason from Mead Physio Group









Russell from True Body Nutrition & Fitness www.truebody.com.au

$5 Classes and New Group Fitness Timetable

Our new timetable has gone live and it’s fantastic to see so many members taking advantage as well as some new faces.

Do you have a friend who you’ve been trying to convince to come along?  Well this is a fantastic opportunity. With only $5 per class and when they join we’ll reward them with the money off their membership.

This offer is available for all of June and July.

Click here to head to our website for more information and the most up to date schedule.

$5 Classes and New Timetable

Free Classes at our OPEN DAY & $5 Classes for all of JUNE

We’re launching our new timetable at our Open Day this Saturday 9th June from 8am to 12noon and we’ll be show casing several of our classes with 30 minute express classes.  ANYONE members nor non members can participate in these.  So why not come in and check out the classes on offer.

This is just a sneak peak of our new timetable which you’ll be able to explore with $5 classes for the remainder of June.  Are you ready to try all the New Bigger Better Vibrant has to offer?